Reasons Why Millennials Want to Retire Early

Wait? Retire? I cannot think of best word to use in writing this article but yes millennials don’t start thinking about retirement at age 30 or 40, they start to prepare as early as possible. Older generations might think that millennials are not responsible or they are having too much fun but I would disagree with that idea.

While millennials are employed some might think of staying in the same company for the next 20 years in order to get the top position but majority are on their goals of preparing for their resignation in the next 2-5 years.

They know that even if they live to be with an extraordinarily frugal lifestyle, Social Security benefits alone won’t be enough to sustain their lifestyle. They love to read and learn about ways to increase their chance of quitting their jobs.


Millennials love to embrace new challenge. For them the most exciting life is to have sometime new. They do not see themselves being locked inside the box but to be exploring outside the box.

The earlier they can resign the more fulfilled they will be and they use it as great story  in their next adventure for a startup, to write their books, start their blogs, travel the globe or participate in improving the lives of others.


Many young professionals today are driven to solve the problems in their community. They love to explore for new ways or create somthing that the world have never seen or heard. The more unique the can become the prouder they will be.

It’s becoming a competition of creating the biggest contribution.

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