How to Earn Your First Million?

1. Look for Problems
Yes, solving bigger problems means good business for you.
2. Choose to Solve Problems that you can Relate
In finding a good business idea or work, always start with who you are? What are you existing skills? Or can you learn the necessary skills/knowledge to accomplish it?
3. Find a Mastermind Team
A good support group or mentor will determine your success. Learning from others on how they fail and did it better is a shortcut to your own success.
Example of Million Dollar Opportunities
a. e-Commerce, where you can sell products globally. I am launching my store next month.
b. Network Marketing, one bad apple is not a representation of the entire basket. There are good companies that are reliable and even publicly listed proving that it is legal and ethical.
c. Pay Per Skill – You might not be aware of it but employment is one sample, it could lead to to a million but it might take longer. How to speed up making it? #4 >
d. Be self-employed or freelance, decide what business or profession you want to be very good at. Becoming very good at one area does not happen overnight, but doing it over and over again can lead to you becoming a highly paid professional or the most successful entrepreneur in your field.
Bottom line: Ask yourself are you busy looking for ways to earn or busy making your reasons to stay where you are?

What to Expect in the Opportunities Around us?

The average income per annum of a young professional in the Philippines is Php 250,000 or $5000. Given that yearly you are getting 10% salary increase, a young professional can expect Php 366,000 or $7320 annual income by 2020.

Sad reality, Php 30,000 in 2020 is not enough to feed a family. According to CNN Philippines, to live comfortably in the Philippines a family of 3 members need a household income of Php 100,000 monthly.

Millennials are actively looking for ways to increase their income potentials or to speed up their success. Here’s the truth about it.

1. Network Marketing, this industry is over promising – BIG MISTAKE! People expect to earn big in the industry without exerting Effort. It can over deliver an under-promise result but you need to be consistent in the next 2-5 years. I personally LOVE this.

2. Stock Market. OVER PROMISING and VERY RISKY! You can lose huge amount of money in an instant but you can also earn big instantly. Still this is a very good vehicle for long term growth. Your gain is proportional to the investment. IF you are lucky – Php 10,000 can grow 10%, 20% or even 200% but if you can only invest a small amount 200% of Php 10,000 is 20,000(this is rare but possible) or in 5 years. I also invest in stocks.

3. Real Estate, I did my math – If I buy a Php 5,000,000 property in 2017, can I sell this in 2020 at Php 8,000,000-10,000,000? No, mostly likely it is still newly endorsed. But long term – it can be promising as well.

4. Digital Marketing – Massive social media movement of branding, selling, sharing, value creation or even creating a sales team to talk about a product, use the product, develop a product and be paid in commission, royalty or equity – THIS IS AS PHENOMENAL.


Bottom line, it’s takes time to grow a tree so thus harvesting it’s fruit. But their are huge potentials around you today.

How To Make $500 Monthly from Creating Websites (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Are you into selling but without technical computer skills? Or you are someone good at computer but without the gift of pitching your skills? If you are both someone who can negotiate a deal and someone who knows how to make a website then I hope this article can help you earn your first $500 monthly in the next 30 days.

Technical Skills Required: With Basic Skills in Making Websites

Target Market: Any Local Business in Your Community who has No Website

When it comes to the idea of making money I would disagree if someone will go hungry with the opportunities online and here are my steps in earning your $500 monthly.

1. Branding yourself

Before we go with the next step, I want you to brand yourself. Just help me answer the following:

Your company name:  (Any name that represent your service/product)

Your product: Website Making for Local Businesses

Core Mission: To empower local businesses to be visible online by creating user-friendly websites at an affordable cost. (you can copy this if you like)

2. Costing

Normally it would cost people $200-400 to create a website from scratch. But some websites offer it at $20 but with limited service or items to be added in the website. But going back to our core focus “empowering business to be visible online.” I believe that increasing your price may lead to your potential customers to find somebody else to do it for them.

So go for the competitive pricing. Remember you can charge premium price for one customer but not get new customer after or price reasonably and give extra value so they will bring more customers to you and keep you to do all future project for them later on. You can choose.

My recommended price between $50-$100 per year.


  • self-hosted site or website with their own domains set-up (choose godaddy or wordpress)
  • free templates plus training on updating their site for blogs or new product posts
  • 15 menus or pages

Now you might be thinking that it’s too much. Think of creating value. That is the power to this business. There are so many people who can do it. I set-up my whole site without the help of a programmer. They can do it too if they want.

3. Identifying you target market

Now, think of existing business in your location. Answer the following;

a. Write down the names of top 10 businesses/organizations in in you location.

Local Restaurants:

Travel Agencies:

Flower Shops:

Business Organization:


b. Do they have existing websites? 

If yes, do an assessment on the website and look for areas that can be improved.

If no, BINGGO! They are your hot markets.

c. Know the contact person and approach them.

4. Have a print out of your package and service.

A 2-3 pages printed information about your service and it’s package is a perfect idea. You can use it in approaching them. Having your business card is an extra points for you.

Since your product is website making you need to have yours too so you have sample to present to them.

5. Look for someone to negotiate for you

If you cannot have the nerve to do the pitch. Ask friends or someone with the skill to do the pitching. A 10-20% share per project is a generous one. The happier your salesman is the more business he/she will bring to you.

Now can you really earn $500 monthly?

If you sell your product at $100/project you only need 5 projects per month or offering it at $50/project only needs 10 projects monthly. What if you get more? The happier I will be for you. Maybe you can send me you testimonial later as motivation to write more ideas like this.

Go out! Help the communities and you will have your reward.

Happy working!