How to Earn Your First Million?

1. Look for Problems
Yes, solving bigger problems means good business for you.
2. Choose to Solve Problems that you can Relate
In finding a good business idea or work, always start with who you are? What are you existing skills? Or can you learn the necessary skills/knowledge to accomplish it?
3. Find a Mastermind Team
A good support group or mentor will determine your success. Learning from others on how they fail and did it better is a shortcut to your own success.
Example of Million Dollar Opportunities
a. e-Commerce, where you can sell products globally. I am launching my store next month.
b. Network Marketing, one bad apple is not a representation of the entire basket. There are good companies that are reliable and even publicly listed proving that it is legal and ethical.
c. Pay Per Skill – You might not be aware of it but employment is one sample, it could lead to to a million but it might take longer. How to speed up making it? #4 >
d. Be self-employed or freelance, decide what business or profession you want to be very good at. Becoming very good at one area does not happen overnight, but doing it over and over again can lead to you becoming a highly paid professional or the most successful entrepreneur in your field.
Bottom line: Ask yourself are you busy looking for ways to earn or busy making your reasons to stay where you are?

How Do You Manage Your Time?


In the world where we get so much distractions, a world where gold fish has better attention and focus than us – time management is a necessity.

Here’s how I do it as a millennial.

In order for me to finish small or medium task at a time I will have a cup of tea or coffee beside me. The closer I get to finishing my tea or coffee the closer should I finish the task.

Giving the mindset that one task at a time gives me power to focus and create better result.

One cup of coffee to finish;
– a lovely conversation
– write an article or 2
– connecting with customers
– finding new customers online
– connecting to family or friend
– creating your 6-12 months action plans
– evaluating your progress

Enhance your life from starting on small practice.

What do you think about this ritual?