How Do You Manage Your Time?


In the world where we get so much distractions, a world where gold fish has better attention and focus than us – time management is a necessity.

Here’s how I do it as a millennial.

In order for me to finish small or medium task at a time I will have a cup of tea or coffee beside me. The closer I get to finishing my tea or coffee the closer should I finish the task.

Giving the mindset that one task at a time gives me power to focus and create better result.

One cup of coffee to finish;
– a lovely conversation
– write an article or 2
– connecting with customers
– finding new customers online
– connecting to family or friend
– creating your 6-12 months action plans
– evaluating your progress

Enhance your life from starting on small practice.

What do you think about this ritual?

Is Multi-tasking a Weakness or Strength for Millennials?

“When you hear about time management millennials are bad at this. They lack the discipline to be on time, they do not have focus and they get bored easily.” This will be a possible description we will get from other Baby Boomers.

As millennial I must say we are maybe just good at it – not in time management but with multi-tasking. So what is multi-tasking? What made us multi-task?

In my description, it is doing different things at almost the same time. We read while we watch TV, we write while we watch news, we call our friends while we cut our nails and so much more.

On the bigger picture we multi-task when we try to keep our jobs while doing other extra-curricular activities. We stay at our job while we are looking for another job or doing another part time business.

Multi-tasking is not only doing things at the same time, it can be doing extra commitments while we have other priorities. Now another question is can it help us? Is it a weakness or a strength?

It depends.

It becomes a weakness when it makes us not perform at our jobs or deliver what is expected from our role. Submitting your report late because you were busy with other commitments or maybe your startups could be a weakness – it can lead to frustration and feeling overwork.

On the other hand, millennials are really good at multi-tasking. They are creative and even contribute more to their workplace through the experience they acquire outside work or the real life experience as they call it. We must not limit ourselves from opening our world to the new opportunities to grow. Sometime we are judged for being too distracted or being less focused.

But it is not new to our generation. We are the generation empowered by the technology. We can be our HR, our own CEO or mentor. We become our own leaders as well.

As long as we keep an eye to our goal. We can never call it a weakness of a generation to do multiple tasks and projects in the same time frame.