How To Make $500 Monthly from Creating Websites (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Are you into selling but without technical computer skills? Or you are someone good at computer but without the gift of pitching your skills? If you are both someone who can negotiate a deal and someone who knows how to make a website then I hope this article can help you earn your first $500 monthly in the next 30 days.

Technical Skills Required: With Basic Skills in Making Websites

Target Market: Any Local Business in Your Community who has No Website

When it comes to the idea of making money I would disagree if someone will go hungry with the opportunities online and here are my steps in earning your $500 monthly.

1. Branding yourself

Before we go with the next step, I want you to brand yourself. Just help me answer the following:

Your company name:  (Any name that represent your service/product)

Your product: Website Making for Local Businesses

Core Mission: To empower local businesses to be visible online by creating user-friendly websites at an affordable cost. (you can copy this if you like)

2. Costing

Normally it would cost people $200-400 to create a website from scratch. But some websites offer it at $20 but with limited service or items to be added in the website. But going back to our core focus “empowering business to be visible online.” I believe that increasing your price may lead to your potential customers to find somebody else to do it for them.

So go for the competitive pricing. Remember you can charge premium price for one customer but not get new customer after or price reasonably and give extra value so they will bring more customers to you and keep you to do all future project for them later on. You can choose.

My recommended price between $50-$100 per year.


  • self-hosted site or website with their own domains set-up (choose godaddy or wordpress)
  • free templates plus training on updating their site for blogs or new product posts
  • 15 menus or pages

Now you might be thinking that it’s too much. Think of creating value. That is the power to this business. There are so many people who can do it. I set-up my whole site without the help of a programmer. They can do it too if they want.

3. Identifying you target market

Now, think of existing business in your location. Answer the following;

a. Write down the names of top 10 businesses/organizations in in you location.

Local Restaurants:

Travel Agencies:

Flower Shops:

Business Organization:


b. Do they have existing websites? 

If yes, do an assessment on the website and look for areas that can be improved.

If no, BINGGO! They are your hot markets.

c. Know the contact person and approach them.

4. Have a print out of your package and service.

A 2-3 pages printed information about your service and it’s package is a perfect idea. You can use it in approaching them. Having your business card is an extra points for you.

Since your product is website making you need to have yours too so you have sample to present to them.

5. Look for someone to negotiate for you

If you cannot have the nerve to do the pitch. Ask friends or someone with the skill to do the pitching. A 10-20% share per project is a generous one. The happier your salesman is the more business he/she will bring to you.

Now can you really earn $500 monthly?

If you sell your product at $100/project you only need 5 projects per month or offering it at $50/project only needs 10 projects monthly. What if you get more? The happier I will be for you. Maybe you can send me you testimonial later as motivation to write more ideas like this.

Go out! Help the communities and you will have your reward.

Happy working!

How Long Does It Take To Make Money in Blogging Part-time?

Depending on the model and how engaging your are to your potential readers, affect how quickly you can start in making money online. 

Using the wrong platform, the keywords and the relevance of your title can also make or break the speed.

The reason why your blog is not yet making money could be due to the techniques you use and the number of influencers you are connecting to.

Blogging is one of the easiest way to start generating your online income because it can be easily started and implemented using your existing skill in writing.

It is basically like writing online.

It could be simple yet many people do it wrong.

Simply creating a blog and posting its content and expecting to create followers is not the only step.

We must consider that we are not the only writers online or bloggers. Everyday people create blogs, it could be different to yours but similar to many.

Choosing the right model will determine whether your will have your first check in 3o days or in 3 years.

Most people fail in blogging and delayed their income potentials due to lack of clue about maximizing it’s visibility or increasing the readership.

Anyone can create a blog – no issue, but can everyone earn with the same income? Is a good question to consider.

Or you can take this blog that you’re reading right now for instance.

It’s probably one with the less beautiful layout or – right – let’s be honest.

But guess what?

It’s less than 24 of running this website (from when I started writing this post) … with it’s less complicated layout and small number of photos… I already have readers from almost 10 countries… and already getting offers for monetization.

On the other hand, I also have my other test site which is over 7 years old but is not getting readership nor the income.

Whether your goal is to earn $200 a month or $100,000 a month in blogging it is workable using blogs applied with the correct model.

How much money monthly you make is up to you and the commitment you are putting in.

Some people I know do not count the effort they make in blogging for they know that their is something waiting for them later on. Blogging can be working now and getting paid later.

I am going to share 3 of the techniques to increase your chance of generating a good amount of income in your blog.

Technique 1 : Authority Blogs

Authority blogs are focused on a certain subjects for a specific groups of people.

You become a brand authority people go to when they try to learn about that niche.

Identifying your focus can help you to speed up in building your authority.

Building an authority website needs a constant posting about the subject matter.

Having a post everyday can help you to speed up that credibility.

But if you have your full-time job, you can still be consistent by creating a blog post twice or thrice a week.

Just remember that the most content you make and add, the higher the unique number of visitors you will attract from the search engines.

Having more visitors is very important to your site in increasing your site’s valuation.

Consistently blogging trains the Google bot to keep visiting back to your website more frequently.

So the more content you post, the faster the bot will spider your content and the quicker your site will be indexed and ranked in Google and other search engines.

Technique 2 : Keywords Search

Focus your first 20 posts on the most common buying ready keywords your target audience are using. Research the keywords that generate buyer keyword traffic to your website.


Travel blogs;

“Traveling to Europe at $50 daily budget”

Career blogs;

“How to be a CEO at 23.”

Healthy and Beauty Blogs;

“Best Adult Supplements”

Buyer keywords are very important. They are typically ready to purchase buyers but are looking for confirmation with their decision. The ads that will appear to your readers in reading your site will show them the most relevant ads on their search history or profiles.

So your content needs to have relevant keywords with what your visitors will search if they are trying to find a solution or formula. If you can unlock on using the right keywords. You will also unlock the foundation to your online cash machine.

Check your keywords from your title and the content itself. Is it relevant to the buying decision of your visitors?

Some would say that having good number of traffic is good but you can choose and decide – do you want 1000 visits but 0 clicks or 100 visits and 100 clicks?

Strategy 3: Viral Titles

If your goal is to just increase your unique visits you can explore on having titles that are viral.

If you want to check how strong your titles are, you can analyze it through this website.

It will tell you about the power of the words you are using – how common, uncommon, strong or emotional your title is.

You need to write your content in an eye catching title so people will give the chance to open it and read it, it is something that people can connect and talk about so they will share it to others.

The more they like you, the more you make them feel you understand them and the more you offer value to them the higher the chance for them to remember your site and follow you.